Download Surah Rahman with Urdu translation & Explanation - Amazing Recitation Video Mp3

Surah Rahman with Urdu translation & Explanation - Amazing Recitation Video

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Published: 10 April 2018

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DISCLAIMER: I am the editor/animator of this ORIGINAL EDUCATIONAL video. THIS IS NOT A REUSED VIDEO BY ANY DEFINITION OF THE WORD. The reciter has allowed me USE of this audio for this channel. This video is for EDUCATIONAL purposes and falls under the rules of "Fair Use". THIS IS NOT A LYRIC VIDEO by any definition. This video is NOT A DAILY RITUAL FOR MUSLIMS. The video ADDS MASSIVE VALUE to the words BY EMPHASIZING EXPLANATIONS in real time which WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE OTHERWISE WITHOUT CONCRETE IMAGERY, as testified by dozens of independent reviews on youtube. THERE ARE NO OTHER VIDEOS ON THIS PLATFORM OR EVEN TELEVISION COMPARABLE TO VIDEOS FROM THIS CHANNEL IN TERMS OF THEIR EDUCATIONAL IMPACT. The imagery in this particular video was kept more concrete to suit viewers in the Indian Subcontinent. People watch this out of their volition and love for its depth and imagery, not as a ritual. Reading or listening to this chapter daily is not mandatory for Muslims as some people suggest. Some of my other videos are for a more mature audience where aesthetics may supersede precision. We believe in quality content, originality and utility. This video helps in promoting tolerance and respect among people of different creeds by making people question their preconceived notions of hatred. This video PROMOTES HARMONY AND UNDERSTANDING AS EVIDENT IN THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO AT 0:22. IT ALSO ENCOURAGES HUMILITY AS OBVIOUS FROM ANY OF THE 7 TRANSLATIONS LISTED. Half of the video urges viewers to use their intellect and ENCOURAGES SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY. There is no controversial material in this video. No copyright is claimed in this video on some portions to the extent that material may appear to be infringed, I assert that such alleged infringement is permissible under fair use principles in U.S. copyright laws. The reciter was unknown outside the Arab world before prior this video.

The most detailed and clear visualization of any part of the Quran ever made in human history. This educational video of Quran Chapter 55 (Surah Rahman) presents a real time explanation of the spoken words with an aim of obviating the need for reading a detailed explanation. This video contains Urdu, ENGLISH, InDoNeSiaN, Bosnian, HINDI/Sansikrit, BanGLA translations and Arabic text. Videos like these and the projects we are attempting require massive investment of time and money. This work is not commercially viable. We are working on projects even better than this popular and universally acclaimed video.Please support our cause so that we bring your more and better videos.

The EDUCATIONAL VALUE OF THE QURAN and its impact of intellectual growth and scientific development has been well documented by historians and writers of all creeds. The Quran is still part of curriculum of both secular and religious schools across the globe including ivy league institutions in the US.